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Ministers Letter

Letter from our Minister, Debbie

Beginning a new year is always a time for reflecting, on the past year and, on what the new year may hold.

Understandably looking backwards, we are able to assess the previous year and recognise its times of joy and celebration – those times that have brought us happiness and have perhaps given us a sense of wellbeing and contentment, and also to acknowledge the difficult or sad times that have been of challenge or concern. At some level we are able to make some sense of where we have been, its impact on us, and our ‘reaction’ to what we have experience.

Looking forwards into the unknown of the new year is quite different. It can be described as walking or journeying into that which is not yet known, and as such can be both exciting, and for some, frightening or worrying. It may be that as you have begun 2020 there are those known situations on the horizon, which may be bringing with them a sense of hope or of dread, depending on what they are.

All the way in the early days of God’s relationship with his people a certain man, named Joshua, found himself in what must have felt like for him, the most daunting position he could find himself in. Moses, God’s amazing servant, and leader of the people had now died and Joshua was being called by God to lead the people on their next journey of faith. As God instructs Joshua in what he is to he tells him to ‘be strong and courageous’, not once but 3 times, then even more so to not be terrified or discouraged. (Joshua 1: 6-9 NIV). He tells Joshua that this is possible despite the task ahead of him being so daunting because God himself promises to be with him wherever he goes, he will not abandon him.

Much later, Jesus gives the very same instruction to his followers, his emerging Church. As He instructs them to ‘go …’ , with all that that going  will entail he promise that He himself will be with them always, to the very end of the age (Matthew 28: 19-20).

Neither of these promises is a promise for an easy journey when all will be joyful, fulfilling. But it is the amazing promise that in all things we

can know ourselves not along, that the one who made us and loves us goes with us to strengthen, sustain and hold us.

At the beginning of this new year there may be many things, personally or globally, that have the potential to overwhelm us but God’s promise, through Jesus, and by His Holy Spirit remains the same, that whatever and wherever we find ourselves he will not abandon us but will be with us.

I pray that there will be many joys and blessings for you to celebrate this year, and also that when challenges and difficulties come you may know the strength, courage and reassurance of the One who loves you and promises to never leave you.

Minister - Revd. Debbie Hodgson - minister@hertfordmethodist.org.uk